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Our media planning experts hold the pulse around profitable and authoritative web properties that attract traffic.

Media Planning & Media Buying

Media planning is the use of ad-banners to gain the mileage from a campaign in order to attract consumers to participate rather than remain mute spectators.

Engagement is the buzzword around which a brand ensures that it remains relevant and news worthy. A feedback based process that thrives on interactivity is very important even when the customer is browsing a website or any web property. Media planning is the use of ad-banners to gain the mileage from a campaign in order to attract consumers to participate rather than become spectators.

Media planning and buying depends upon the experience and understanding of demographics, profitable web properties and how you can extract their visitor base. It also depends upon the understanding of a business and populating the internet with ad-campaigns on similar thematic web properties.

Interactive Bees has been an industry leader on cost cutting the competition when it comes to buying authoritative real estate for campaigns on online web properties. We create campaigns on a clean slate in traditional GIF/Flash skyscraper, leaderboard, rectangle banners. We have the expertise with design, content for expanding rich media banners. These banner campaigns sit well on web assets and are responsive to impressions.

These campaigns are industry specific and come with rich media interface. The campaigns provide complete analytics with click through rates and help increase ROI on spending. Our media buying experts plan the engagement metrics completely around your communication, and make it reach the most buzzing places on the internet. Our experts have an uncanny ability mixed with experience to get you maximum return on investment. Our brand strategy and communication revolves around your brand getting it a 360 degree exposure.

Some of our services are-

  • Website position analysis services
  • Audience demographic analysis & geo-targeting
  • Planning & buying services for online advertising campaigns
  • Online competition analysis
  • Creative development & copywriting
  • Media channel discovery, Analysis, Ad-trafficking and testing
  • Cost Per Mile (CPM)

    The impressions are the eyeballs that have viewed the advert and show the interactivity of the visitor with your campaign. Define the relative costs of running a campaign per thousand impressions.

  • Cost Per Click

    Cost of impressions does not tantamount to a customer interacting with your brand. Cost per click is a definite variable and simple measurement of fixed price per click of your ad campaign.

  • Cost Per Lead (CPL)

    This process works regardless of impressions or clicks on a web campaign. It is very cost effective when you want definite sign-ups from the consumer irrespective of the clicks from their side.