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Fun at work

Every ibee’ian carries attitude on his shoulder and creativity in their heart. We immensely enjoy our work no matter how enervating. 

Life at Ibees

We are a team of creative workers who rejoice in collective efforts of bringing imagination to life. We enjoy festivities with fervor. We work on concepts that bring to life ideas with a colorful shade.

We are the harbingers of change, the architects of vision, the engineers of direction, the techies of execution, the marketers of acumen, the designers of imagination, the storytellers of persuasion and activists who create excitement around a brand assiduously. Put together we bring unlimited potential which gets employed in creative expression.

We are diverse in nature, yet work on a common goal with harmony. We bring energy and insight to any goal by assimilating perspectives across the team. We are creative to the extent that we get bored easily. We adapt to the pulse of the nation with an enthusiasm that is infectious. We are unabashed and connect with the youth through a magnetic charm. We respect the elders and direct our attitude to influence the world around us positively.

Interactive Bees is all about bringing together our potentials to create unique and compelling propositions. We nurture brands like we care for ourselves and create the WOW factor that makes people sit up and take notice. Life at IBees is fun, fulfilling and gets hectic as well. We enjoy every day as it comes and yet progress in our careers with knowledge and insight that hard work brings. We enjoy our lunches and brunches like a family, stand together in pain and happiness, take pride in executing projects together and share accolades that come with it wholesomely.

We are passionately involved in helping each other grow personally in order to return goodness back to the society. We celebrate special occasions with gusto and make sure to enjoy life with light banter and countless laughs interspersed over the course of work. We are quick to praise as well as forgive and ensure that nothing affects relationships in the course of our interactions.

We are a team of creative workers who work with a single minded purpose of giving brands the extra edge so that they become the sole choice of the decision making consumer. With that in mind, we create an open and inviting culture of a flat organization where you can see your potential flourish from day one.