About Us
Our beehive members

We bring together the cumulative strength of youth and experience to create superlative solutions for brands.

Meet the Team

We are a family of professionals who work collectively to create phenomenal solutions that resonates creativity and intellectualism.

  • PROJECT MANAGERSCanny connectors

    They are the front face for the company interacting, bridging and understanding the expectations of the client and manage the intricacies of a project. They are always running around balancing the needs of the clients and matching the creative appetite of colleagues.

  • WEB DESIGNERSProlific Arachnids

    They are the minds behind the magic that make a web property perform without any glitch. They are wired to build the technical designs that make it easy for a visitor to traverse through the web property.

  • DEVELOPERSTechnocratic geeks

    The tech language that no one can understand is their bedtime story. They build awesome websites and apps in a matter of no time. They are programmers who write a complex source code and make it feel like a lullaby.


    What goes inside their minds is a mystery but what they end up creatingturns out to be a perfect chemistry. They work under severe limitations and yet create wondrous designsthat leave us astounded.

  • CONTENT/COPYWRITERSThe 'Write' Brained

    They bring imagination to life with the use of words. They have the uncanny ability to sense the desires of theaudience and bring it out with a creative touch. They have every WORD up their sleeves to bring out the expression to an intangible feeling. They are the voice that knows how to touch hearts.

  • MOTION GRAPHICSWitty Wizards

    They can make any figure come alive and dance to their tunes. They are the perfectionists who turn lifeless images into physical wonders. They make us see things through a 3D vision.

  • Web Promotions Team/SEO/ SMOWeb Pullers

    They are the people who could give Google a run for the money. They work through a maze of regulations and know how to engage and bring visitors to the online property. They look for your web properties on the top ranking for your preferred keyword.

  • AccountsPenny Pinchers

    They have the perfect ploy to save every dime and yet turn our boss into Santa when you least expect it. They are the people who know how to manage the debit and credit side of balance sheets while we are all left scratching our heads.

  • MarketingThe Wily Merchants

    They are the people in our agency who keep the cash counters ringing. They sell our potential so that we can hope to return to office tomorrow. We salute theknightswho give us a reason to build our careers on a solid footing.

  • Support staffThe Backbone

    They are the backbone without which our office will easily turn into fish market. Everything will turn topsy-turvy if they are not around to help us. Hats off to these people who work odd hours when deadlines extend to eat away our nights.